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SkyHawk Studios Funniest Slogan Contest Winner #6 Announced!

April 17, 2012

Funniest Slogan Contest WinnerOur latest funniest slogan winner is Penny K.! Every month or so, we run a new contest to see who will come up with the funniest slogan for a situation we present on our Facebook page. The winner receives his very own ad created by our Creative Director Jeff.

Our last contest question was “You are coming out with a new line of rather expensive dog food. Your main selling point is how similar to human food your brand tastes like, looks like and the natural ingredients it is made from. In a humorous fashion, you want to stress that your dog food will appeal to even the pickiest of dogs. Your target public is dog owners who pamper their dogs, are status conscious and have pocketbooks large enough to bear the expense of this high end product. What would your funniest slogan be?”

Penny answered with: “Now you’ll have to wait till I’m done!”

Penny remarked to us on our Facebook page, “Wow guys, I’m thrilled! Thought I might be your target public as the current food my German Shepherd Dog “Prince” eats comes in at $56. for a 24 lb. bag. He also gets purified water and good exercise. Great looking ad…love to help again. FUN! Thanks!”

Congratulations Penny.

Our next contest question is up on our Facebook page. Join in!

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