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9th Winner!

Funniest Slogan for Coffee adAnnouncing our latest “Funniest Slogan” contest winner! After much contemplation, we finally chose the champion slogan! (see the other entries on our Facebook page)

We presented the following situation: “Your client is opening a little independent coffee house in your town. He wants to stand out from the franchised stores like Starbucks and Pete’s. He’s decided to name his new establishment The Coffee God and wants to start advertising but needs a humorous slogan for his promotional pieces. What would your funniest slogan be?

For the second time in a row, we chose Selina’s slogan “OMG COFFEE!!!!”. Congratulations Selina! Here is your very own ad created by our creative director Jeff.
Anyone can play! Just go to our Facebook page and click on the purple box that says “Enter Our Slogan Contest”. Details found here.
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