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SkyHawk Media

SkyHawk Studios now has it’s own YouTube channel which features videos we produced. Our latest project is a  demonstration of the quality and detail which can be achieved with a 3D architectural model. This project is based loosely on Mission and Prairie styles and features a variety of textures including wood, terra-cotta tile, brick, stained glass, flowers, and cloth. An animated fire effect adds realism.

It is an example of the type of detailed architectural environment that can be created using 3D Studio Max. By adding “walk-through” animation, the full depth and spacial relationships can be clearly demonstrated.
It was made using some advanced modeling, texturing and lighting techniques I have been learning, including modeling foliage and creating a moving water channel and waterfall. It is designed to deliver a convincing level of detail, even in closeups, while not overloading memory. Created in 3D Studio Max by our Creative Director, Jeff.

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